Academy 13 PostWe started the session with some individual techniques.  This included running with the ball round 4 cones using only the little toe on one foot.  The challenge was to keep the ball as close to the cone as possible without losing control.  We progressed onto some simple passing drills where the girls had to communicate to make sure their passes didn’t collide.  Sometimes the simplest of exercises can be the most effective.  At first, the girls thought it would be easy but as balls were flying all over the place they realised they need to concentrate to work out the problems.

After a quick break, we moved onto a passing and finishing drill that has been used at the Real Madrid Academy in Spain, not that the weather in York on Monday was anything like that of Madrid!  The pattern involved a long pass along the touch-line, control and movement around a line of cones, a one two wall pass with a colleague and a final touch through a gate and finish with a first time shot.  If we had asked the girls to do anyone of the drills in isolation, i.e. the pass, the one two, it would have been done easily.  But, because of the combination of movements and making sure they started and ended up at the right places, it wasn’t as smooth as the girls would have liked.  It highlighted to the coaches, and after a quick chat the girls also, how you must always be thinking, watching and above else concentrating in football, or things will go astray.

Chloe JOverall it was an interesting session for the coaches to observe, especially with what is perceived as an easy drill!  Much to think about!

Final note goes to Chloe J who suffered a knee injury in an unfortunate accident and is currently on crutches for the next week or so, and then no sport for a couple of weeks.  All at Pro Coaching Academy wish her a very speedy recovery and hope she is back in the York Railway Institute U13 side very soon.

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