The session started tonight with a bit of running to wake everyone up.  Players started at one end of the hall and sprinted to collect a ball in the other half of the court, before trying to score, problem was there was fewer balls than players!  Great start, and from the photo above, you can see everyone gave 100%.

We moved on to a 1v1 tournament in the centre of the court.  It started with all the players around a square, with 2 in the middle, one had to keep the ball for 5 seconds and then pass it to one of the waiting players. This player then took their place in the centre, unless either player kicked the ball out of the square, then they were eliminated!  This carried on until we only had 2 left, who ended up being Coach Suzy and Ruby, with Coach Suzy stealing the win!

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We split the players into 4 teams and played some games in which a normal goal was worth one, but if you scored inside the D with a one touch finish, this was worth five goals.  It was interesting to watch how the players really did try to score with a ‘fiver’ first, and then took the one goal as a final option.  We progressed this onto having 2 channels down either side of the court, and to score the ball had to be delivered from any of these.  It is interesting to watch how some players really do strive when we put restrictions on their play, and how others really struggle.

Another good session with some fantastic goals inside the D.  The way some of the players move the ball around the court and, instead of shooting as their first thought, keep the ball until they can get a clear shot from close range.  See you all next week!

We had another  Muppet of The Week award– won this week by James.  We won’t say why, but needless to say he screams far too much!

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – She has really nailed down the idea of moving the ball quickly and simply, very rarely giving the ball away.  She is also one of the players who constantly controls the ball with the sole of her foot, awesome play!

Boys’ player of the week – Owen – The coaches are always impressed by his decision-making of when to pass and when to run.  As above, he very rarely gives the ball away, and plays in a simple and tidy way, great to watch, fantastic play!

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