On Monday night we welcomed back Joe McKechnie for another visit to Manor CE Academy.  Joe is an ex England and Scotland cerebral palsy player and coach, and a good friend of Manor Futsal Club.

Joe ran the warm up with a simple game of ‘bulldog’, with and without the ball.  With the girls he then went onto an attacking and recovery game with 3v3.  One team started with 2 defenders behind the attackers and when the ball was played from the attacker’s goalkeeper, the defenders had to work very hard to effect the game.  Great to watch and some fantastic effort on show from all the girls.

In the end game we split the teams so Coaches Chris and Suzy’s team were against Joe and Mr Foster’s team – it was going to be a grudge match!  The only new rule was you could only score with a one time finish from inside the opposition’s half.  After an epic game, in which both sides held the lead at some stage, Joe and Mr Foster finally came out on top, winning by 2 goals – but it really could have gone either way.

Click here to see some images from the final futsal session at Manor CE Academy of the half term

The boys completed the same warm up as the girls and then we played some 1v1 on three-quarters of a court.  This is very hard work, especially as if you score, you keep the ball and then attack the other goal.  We progressed this to a 2v2 game and finally a 3v3.

We had a revenge match at the end with Coaches Chris and Suzy together again, determined to gain revenge.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be with Joe and Mr Foster’s team running away with the game and winning by lots!

Once again we would all like to say a very special thank you to Joe for coming along and helping us out, we love having him around and look forward to his next return!   Simply put – top man with a fantastic attitude.

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