01Week two of the futsal at Manor CE Academy saw five new girls turn up to try futsal, welcome Rachel, Shanell, Kayla, Melody and Beth!

Andy worked with the girls on some more passing and receiving skills, with movement around the court as well. They then moved onto creating and finishing goal scoring opportunities. The girls found this a little hard at first but all stuck with it and all finished with some good shots on target.

They finished with a match, and with the great numbers now at training it was a little crowded, so we might have to split into two groups next week! As with last week, Andy’s team won by the ‘golden goal’, Chris is definitely seeking revenge next week!

The girls are desperate to play a proper futsal match, so here is the challenge! Are you a group of Year 7 and 8 girls who would like to challenge Manor CE Academy to a futsal game on Tuesday 20 October 2015?

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

The boys worked with Andy on receiving the ball under pressure and moving it quickly to create good goal scoring opportunities. It was a very hard technique to master with moving first one direction and then the opposite, but again the boys stuck at it and by the end they were using it well.  In the final match we had the ‘oldies’ v the ‘youngies’ and it really showed the boys that technique in futsal is so important as the the ‘oldies’ ran away with the game!  Good luck next week guys!

The boys would also like to play a competitive match but we desperately need more players. Fancy having a go? Get in touch now!  The first session is free!

You may have seen on the website we are running player profiles. Does your son or daughter want to be featured? If so, get in touch and we will make it happen!

Star player of the week was Zoe for her fantastic passing and tackling during the final match.

Zoe Award

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