Well, off we go again, and not the best start to a new season!  Coach Chris forgot to send out the school email letting everyone know we had started.  Needless to say, we had no new members, only those who knew we were on again.  Oh well, try again next week!

The players started by looking after the ball in some 1v1 contests.  Slowly we reduced the space on the court the players could use – first from a full court, to a half a court, finally finishing on a quarter of a court.  Some great 1v1 battles, especially from Reece, he seemed determined to get everyone’s ball at some stage!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

As all the players were comfortable with the rules of futsal, we went straight into some 5 minute games.  First up we had no restrictions, just normal futsal rules.  What was apparent very quickly was that the players had lost none of their understanding of the game, with lots of quick 1 and 2 touch passing.  We even got a toe poke shot from Kimberly!

In the next game we restricted the players to 2 touch and the standard of play didn’t drop at all.  In fact, if anything, the passing got even sharper and quicker.  Final game was 2 touch in your own half but only 1 touch in the oppositions half.  The players were getting tired and standards started to drop just a bit, with passes going a bit astray at this stage.

Overall, a good start back.  Hopefully we will have some new players next week!  Why not come and try futsal?

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