On Sunday the 28 November, Bootham Girls’ & Ladies’ Futsal Club will be holding a charity futsal day to raise a £1000 to buy the club a defibrillator. The club will be playing 3 hours of non stop futsal, with help from the slightly dubious returning moms’ and dads’ teams!

In conversation Chairman Chris said, ‘After the horrific scene involving Christian Eriksen at the European Football Championships earlier this year, I set myself the target to purchase the club its very own defibrillator. I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to any of our amazing players, staff or parents, and we didn’t have the equipment to help them.’

He went on to say, ‘So, on Sunday 28 November 2021 the club will be holding a 3 hour futsal marathon to raise money to helpfully buy the club its own defibrillator. The girls, with help from the ladies’ team, and the return of the highly underrated moms’ and dads’ teams will play constant matches for the full 3 hours. We have asked each player to try and raise £25 towards the fund.’

He ended with, ‘To show how much this means to me as Chairman of this fantastic club, I have committed to run 5K every single day throughout November 2021. Twelve weeks ago I had knee surgery, so this is going to be a long month. Please keep your fingers crossed for a very dry and warm November. I will upload every run onto Strava so you can see how I am getting on! Don’t expect world beating times, just the desire to finish what I started!’

You click here to donate at the clubs GoFundMe page which is LIVE now!

Click here to read what the British Heart Foundation says about what a defibrillator is and how it can help.

The club is so lucky to have staff like Chairman Chris, so please, please, please dig deep and help him and the club reach its £1000 target. Check back each week to see how the fund raising and Chris’s running is going!

We have already raised over £300, amazing, please keep this going, every penny helps!

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