PostWeek 15 of Futsal at Manor started for the girls with a warm up coached by Suzy Collins. The girls worked in pairs passing and moving into and out of shapes laid out on the court floor. They then progressed onto leaving the shape through a different side to the one they had entered on.

We then moved onto a cross court passing and finishing drill. The girls received a pass from the opposite corner of the court and after taking a touch shot into the goal. This then progressed, if the pass was good enough, onto trying to shoot first time into the goal. The final progression was the passer followed her pass and the girls played a 1v1 until someone scored.

In the end match any goal scored with a first time finish was worth 3 goals, and low and behold Kimberly goes and scores the only goal with a first time touch.

Places still available for the boy’s sessions for this half term – the girls are now full!

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

We did a similar drill with the boys of shooting first time from a pass received from the opposite corner. We quickly progressed this onto a 2v1 and a 2v2 with goals at both ends. The boys fell into the trap of trying to hit the ball too hard, rather than concentrating on hitting the target and making the goalkeeper work.

In the final match we limited the touches of the players in the opposition half to only 3 and no one could score two goals in a row. Ruby, Katie and Kimberly from the girl’s sessions stayed on and Kimberly continued to tackle her heart out, especially against the bigger boys!

Player of the Week for the Girls was Kimberly – her tackling and passing were of the highest order this week, and the winning goal was an absolute cracker! Well played Kimberly.

Player of the Week for the Boys was Finn – he tried really hard to involve the younger years by giving them the ball as often as possible, Futsal is definitely a team game and played very well tonight.

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