After a fun warm up in which did some handicapped sprinting across the guy, the winners from the previous heats, took a step backwards and the losers took a step forwards.  The idea is that eventually everyone should cross the line at the same time, never quite works like that…

For the technical part of the session we concentrated on some finishing drills in which we wanted the players to finish with either foot and as quickly as possible.  We wanted them to think about what would happen in a game of futsal if they hesitated in front of goal, the chance would probably be gone!

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

For the final part of the session we played a full court game.  The only difference was that every time the ball crossed the halfway line, the last person to get into the oppositions half, including the goalkeeper, left the court!  If the ball was dribbled across halfway, then no one left the court.  The idea behind this is to get them to get forward as quick as possible, as a team, when in possession.

There were some frantic last gasp sprints to make sure they were not the last!  Coach Suzy and her team got it sorted, they pressed really high when out of possession, and tried to win the ball back inside the oppositions half.  If this wasn’t successful they dropped to just inside their own half, making sure they didn’t have that much distance to run.  Great to watch, and they of course they won plenty of games like this!

Another brilliant session with some really hard work from everyone!  See you all next week.

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – We are really impressed by how much Kimberly has improved this year, her passing and control are getting better each and every week.  Now if only she could learn to shoot…Well done Kimberly!

Boys’ player of the week – Reece – He never stopped running throughout the whole session, fantastic attitude and brilliant to watch.  Well done Reece, keep up this hard work, top man!

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