Well, another fantastic week at Bootham Futsal Club.  We really have got some amazing girls at our club!

The girls in the first hour were on fire and played some brilliant futsal.  We started with a warm up playing the cone game.  You had to turn over all your opponent’s cones before they turn yours, but without getting tagged.  Needless to say there was some cheating going on but loads of enthusiasm from all!

We then split the group and worked on running and finishing with the ball with one group, and playing with an overload with the other.  Both groups worked very hard and one thing that really stood out was the tackling – some really great crunching tackles today!   Katie J was especially good with her tackling!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The second hour started with another passing pattern.  The coaches love these as they really do get the girls to concentrate, talk and really help to nail down some of the futsal techniques – namely using the sole of the foot to control.  Tegan was one step ahead, moving the ball as she controlled it, awesome to see!

The main part of the session was a continuation of what we did last week, namely playing into a ‘pivot player’.  The girls found this quite challenging, as we had 4v3 in one half of the court and 2v1 in the other.  At times it is good when sessions don’t work, as it shows the coaches exactly where the players are at, what they are good at and what needs more work.  We will definitely revisit this, as we did get some good results during the session.

We are privileged and extremely proud to coach these fantastic young ladies, every single one gives us 100% week in week out, a huge thank you from all the coaches!

Player of the week for the First Hour was Faith.  She has been with us from the very first session, and the change over the year has been remarkable!  We are so proud of how Faith is progressing, not just as a futsal player but also as a lovely young lady.  Fantastic Faith, keep up the great work!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Katie S.  One of the oldest players in the club and one who will be studying her Futsal Level 1 coaching course very soon.  She has really developed her technique and understanding of the game, looking good for the future!  Well done Katie!

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