Academy ImageThe Pro Coaching Girls’ Academy are sessions suitable for advanced players who are serious about football and want to progress as far as they can in the game.  The aims of the sessions concentrate on developing both the girls’ technical ability and also knowledge of the game.  It is aimed at school years 7, 8 and 9 but please contact us if you are outside these age groups, as these are not set in stone.

Our aim is to develop players who are accepted into local or national Centres Of Excellence, and can be comfortable in their ability and knowledge when attending these centres.

The sessions are held at Manor CE Academy on Monday nights during school term times from 7.00pm to 8.00pm on their astro pitch.

Sessions are run by Chris Collins, who recently passed his FA Youth Award, taking him to a FA Licensed Level 3 coach.  He is also a Level 2 Futsal and Level 1 Goalkeeping coach, and has been involved in football at various levels for the last 25 years.

Click here to read the FA Youth Module 3 Assessment, written by Suzanne Smith FA County Coach Developer for North Riding County FA.

Click here to view Chris Collins’ Football Association Certificates.


Please contact us using the Contact Us forms at the side of these pages, or use  We would love to hear from you and can’t wait to work with you or your daughter and help you or them advance along the footballing pathways.

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