The last session of the season is always something a bit fun! We combined all the age groups into 4 teams, as well as a Moms with Ruben, and Dads team and played a round robin tournament! Coach Chris was the very dodgy referee and there was absolutely no way the Dads were going to win…

The teams were:

Reds – Denva, Eleanor, Katie J, Holly, Alice and Jean

Light Blues – Kim, Niamh, Ellie R, Sophie, Eva and Sienna

Blues – Lily S, Emily-Sue, Freya, Isabelle and Ruby N

Yellows – Lily C, Hannah, Ruby, Emma, Katie H and Anna

Rules were a player could only score one goal per game, and goals could only be scored in the oppositions half. Older players were on 1 touch finishes and Dads had various rules as Coach Chris decided! VAR was in use throughout the morning and several hotly disputed decisions caused walk offs, tantrums and arguments with the ref – and these just from the Dads!

Click here to see the pictures from the final session of the year.

After 15 high quality games with some spectacular goals, the final table looked like this:

The winning Yellow team

Huge thank you to everyone who played and supported, we had a blast. So, the season has finished and we are eternally grateful for all the parents and girls who have supported us this year, it has been an amazing year. We start it all again on Sunday 8 September 2019. Have a fantastic summer and we hope to see all back in September.

Chris, Suzy and Simone

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