For the first time in nearly a month we got everyone back together at St Peter’s for training. What was even more amazing on Mother’s Day, we had over 95% attendance – so we had to reward the amazing mothers with a chocolate, thank you for your wonderful support.

The younger group welcomed two girls, big hellos to Eva and Isabella, we hope you had fun and hope to see you both again very soon.

The younger group started with a few team games, one in which the parents participated and won on both occasions! We then moved on to some keep ball, getting the girls to use their bodies to ‘hide’ the ball from the opposition, and only move when they had to.

We finished the session with some full court games in which the scorer and the passer had to run around the opposition’s goal before they were back in play creating a 4v2 overload the other way. A really good session with some great play from all the girls.

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

The older group started with a really hard one touch warm up, in which they had only one touch before having to leave the square, run round one of four cones before coming back to help their team mates. This is intense work but the girls really worked hard.

The court then had a set of cones diagonally placed across it, and in the game the ball could cross the cones but the players could not, they had to run round either end if they wanted to change sides. The idea behind this is for them to try and create 2v1s or 3v2 overloads on one side of the cones and then to attack at pace.

We finished with a normal game and the older girls really showed some great futsal with second post finishes and lots of patience in possession, fantastic to watch.

Player of the week for the younger group was Holly – She has shown so much improvement this term, teaming up well with Poppy in the games, with great passing and supporting runs, fantastic performance Holly!

Player of the week for the older group was Tegan – She is such a consistent performer, works extremely hard in everything we do and always does it with a smile on her face, top job Tegan!

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