Another week of futsal at Manor CE Academy, and boy don’t some of the players work hard!  Again, we had some of the Year 7s away on a residential trip, but the rest certainly made up for them!

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

After the warm up, we introduced the concept of a pivot, or target player to the group.  The session was based around a 4v1 in one half of the court.  After receiving the ball from the goalkeeper, they had to complete 4 passes before passing to the pivot in the other half of the court.  Then, two players could break over the halfway line to support, making it a 3v1 at the other end of the court, they played until they scored or the ball went dead.  If the defenders could win the ball, they could counter attack with the other defender to score in the other goal.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan

Needless to say, it took the players a fair while to get the concept of what we were looking for.  We had plenty of interventions to highlight various stages of the session, before they got the idea.  The main problem was the players stood still after making their passes, allowing the defender chance to win the ball.  Also, the pivot stood on the halfway line, again making it easy for the defender to mark them.  After a few tweaks, and a few cones to mark some starting points, the session started to flow.

Click here to watch a short video of a great passing move and clinical finish from Owen

Another good week, with plenty of learning for all involved.  Next week is the last week of the half term, wow hasn’t it flown by, and the mini tournament will return! Check back soon to see who will be team of the week with team captains Chris, Suzy, Simon and Katie looking to finish top dog!

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – this award goes for some outstanding saves in the final matches.  The boys think they can just power the ball passed her, but they are badly mistaken!  Fantastic goalkeeping, Abbi, keep up the good work!

Boys’ player of the week – Leon – A very good footballer, who has taken to futsal with ease. He works so hard all over the court, whether in sessions or matches, and looks like one definitely for the future.  Top job, Leon!

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